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 Pilot Training School

Training Calander 2016-17

The Pilot Training school commissioned in 1964 is selected as the training center for African and Middle East countries. The development of this training facility has made Ethiopian Airlines self-sufficient in meeting its requirements for pilots. This is accomplished through the engagement of highly qualified and experienced Ethiopian Airlines training staff. Over the last 48 years, the Pilot training school has trained pilots for over 52 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

The Pilot Training School currently offers accredited training programs for Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multi-engine Rating (CPL/IR/ME) and Multi-crew Pilot License (MPL).

The syllabi of both programs are approved and accredited by:

  • The Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECAA),
  • The African Civil Aviation Commission (AFCAC),
  • The African Airlines Association (AFRAA) and
  • The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

 Commercial Pilot with Instrument & Multi-Engine Rating (CPL/IR/ME)

The Pilot Training School offers a comprehensive and internationally acclaimed Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multiengine Rating for over half a century. The school has highly experienced instructors for both flight and ground trainings. In addition, Ethiopian airlines have equipped itself with all the necessary facilities: simulators, aircrafts (glass cockpit DA 40NG and Cesena 172) and well equipped ground classrooms and computer based training rooms. The syllabus is developed based on Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority Regulations and ICAO requirements for Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL), CPL and IR/ME Requirements. Moreover, due consideration is given to fulfill EASA ATPL Theoretical Knowledge requirements. Hence, The EASA and JAA-FCL detailed theoretical knowledge training syllabus is benchmarked for completeness and determination of scope and level of details.

Ethiopian airlines pilot training follows a well-organized and logically sequenced integrated syllabus for the ground and flight training. The theoretical Knowledge Courses comprise a total time of 920 class hours, including 80hours for general English and 120 hours for Aviation English course. Our CPL training also trains and offers regulatory body requirements, such as the ICAO English Language Proficiency requirements that necessitate the provision of structured Aviation English Training in the Pilot Training School.

It also provides rating services for ICAO Level 4 English Requirements for Pilots.

 Multi-Crew Pilot License (MPL)

MPL training at Ethiopian Aviation Academy aims to replace the traditional application of box-ticking, hours based prescriptive syllabi with competency-based training. Our training program guides students seamlessly from ab-initio training to airliner type rating, using simulation designed for multi-crew training. We also address the increased rates of loss of control in airline operations through Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). In addition, we train our trainees to combat the continuing dominance of multi-crew human factors in accidents through Threat and Error Management (TEM) and Crew Resource Management (CRM)

We provide MPL training for an airline based on its own operating procedures. The graduates can perform as a co-pilot on any multi-engine multi-crew airliner without the need to go through extensive light aircraft experience, as the students are specially trained for the specific aircraft until they prove to be competent in all possible operational scenarios.

 Simulator Training

The Ethiopian Aviation Academy also provides simulator trainings on the following Full Flight aircraft simulators:

  • Wet and Dry lease of Q400, B737/B737 NG, B757, B767 & B787
  • Boeing 777 simulator coming soon

Customers can take the simulator training with their own instructors or with our competent instructors.

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